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Intended use

The grinder is intended for grinding grain in order to obtain grist compliant with regulations stipulated in standards pertaining to denominating the amount and quality of gluten in wheat, the falling number of wheat and rye as well as their humidity, also above 15%. The grinder also prepares samples used for testing the dough adhesion level. A special construction of the grinder ensures fast milling of the product and, at the same time, prevents grist overheating while maintaining a sample’s initial humidity.


The base is encased as a frame construction with a clear division between the power feed part and the operating part. The power feed part comprises a motor with a system for transferring drive to the working chamber and a unit controlling the electrical system of the grinder. The operating part of the grinder comprises a charging hopper with a feeding screw and a chamber with whirling elements. The grist bin is located in the bottom part of the cyclone separator.


  • base
  • cover
  • grind chamber
  • hopper with a feeding screw
  • grist bin
  • switch with a START/STOP protection filter (with a fuse)
  • cyclone separator
  • filter


Technical parameters:

  • dimensions - 300 x 340 x 375 mm
  • weight - 12 kg
  • power supply - 230AC/ 6.3 A/50 Hz
  • power – 600 W
  • speed - 16,000 rev/min
  • maximum admissible sample - 30 g (single)


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