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Horizontal packaging machine FPS-500 A A A


Horizontal packing machine FPS-500
provides continuous packing of different types of solid products during their movement. Operating comfort of the machine is ensured by the programmable logic controller (PLC) and operator interface panel (OIP) which provides visualisation of the present technical data.

The automatic machine can be operated as an independent unit or a part of the existing processing line. Technical solutions and materials used (stainless steel, aluminium alloys, plastics) constitute robust and reliable design. The automatic machine construction also ensures fast change of technical parameters and minimal need of maintenance.



Application of the horizontal packing machine

food industry 

dairies, bottling plants of drinks: water, juice etc. 

pharmaceutical industry

cosmetics industry

packing technical products etc.

Materials used for packing products: thermoweldable multi-layer laminates and PP.

Technical parameters

maximal power consumption: 5 kW

power supply: 400 V, 3~, 50 Hz

dimensions: 2875 x 950x 1550 mm

weight: 350 kg

thermoweldable film: thickness: 25-45 μm, film width: max 500 mm, bobbin diameter: 76 mm, max diameter of wrapped film: 300 mm

output (basic version) : depending on the product dimensions, maximally: 60 pieces/min,

dimensions of a product to be packed: length: 80 – 350 mm, width: 20 – 240 mm, height: 5 – 115 mm.


Extension of the basic horizontal packaging machine version

  • making right or left version 
  • positioning the sleeve ( photocell )
  • film feeding unit
  • device for film centring
  • film shortage circuit 
  • device forming side overlaps 
  • Eurohole punching die 
  • zig-zag cutter blade
  • film printer for printing e.g. date, logo 
  • device for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)


The manufacturer ensures possibility of the machine adaptation to the individual customer’s requirements such as change of dimensions depending on the product, replacement of the single jaw head with double jaw head ( output increase) etc.  The above modifications are the independent technological and design solutions.




  • servicing by skilled technical personnel 
  • direct access to technical support 
  • system of learning and training start
  • accessibility to technical manuals 

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