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Comprehensive testing of cereals, flour and bread quality

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   Dr hab. Engineer Kazimierz Sadkiewicz, associate professor, comes from the oldest bakery school in Bydgoszcz, where he taught from 1955 to 1969. At the same time, he performed the function of the Chairman of the National Team of Cereal Process Engineers bringing together 54 teachers of milling and bakery schools in Poland. Both of these facts led to the beginning of cooperation with Zakład Badawczy Przemysłu Piekarskiego (ZBPP, Research Institute of the Bakery Industry) in Warsaw directed by the outstanding scientist, doctor and professor Dr hab. Engineer Henryk Banecki. When Kazimierz Sadkiewicz was carrying out a doctoral program at the Agricultural University in Poznań under the supervision of Prof. PhD. Engineer St. Jankowski, he received a proposal to establish a branch of ZBPP in Bydgoszcz


     Realisation of the aims and plans of Professor H. Banecki was accepted by the Minister of Internal Trade by the decision dated 21st April, 1969 to establish the Bydgoszcz branch of the Research Institute of the Bakery Industry of the Central Collective Food Producer's Association „Społem” in Warsaw. Because of difficulties of the former period, lack of personnel, premises and support of local authorities, the actual activity was started in July 1969. Further scientific work and training in Kansas City and Los Angeles in the USA and the Agency for Technical, Industrial and Economic Cooperation in France led to gaining a doctor's degree in technical science, habilitated doctor at the position of reader, associate professor of ZBPP in Warsaw, and then associate professor of ATR in Bydgoszcz at the Department of Food Machinery and Environmental Protection. At present the firm is managed by the professor’s son Józef Sadkiewicz, PhD. 


The main tasks of the Branch include:


  • organisation of scientific and research projects  
  • preparation of technical and research teams  
  • development and implementation of measurement and control systems for national laboratories in the whole cereal, flour and bakery industry chain within anti-import activity  
  • support in development of small and medium-sized bakeries  
  • testing the machines and instruments of national manufacturers
  • systematic training of laboratory personnel coming from the whole territory of Poland   

     Development of many measuring and control systems for the whole cereal, flour and bakery industry chain; scientific and research units; and specialized universities are the greatest achievements of several decades of the Institute's activity. Tens of thousands of instruments have been implemented in many laboratories in Poland and abroad. The solutions developed by ZBPP are protected by many patents and utility models. Implemented into practice, they have assisted in the struggle for quality in the cereal, flour and bakery industry; and the possibility of carrying out scientific work and research in the science sector.

     The results of scientific and technical activity also include numerous publications, tens of patents, technical and technological projects for bakeries, presentations at national and international conferences, seminars, congresses and symposiums. This activity defines the Institute's position and its scientific and technical contribution towards the development of the cereal, flour and bakery industry in Poland, shown by medals awarded at national and foreign competitions.

     Until 1998 the Institute was subordinate to ZBPP in Warsaw. Then it changed into a limited liability company, functioning as an independent unit which based its activity on its own developed technical and design background. It maintains cooperation with ZBPP in Warsaw and many universities in Poland and abroad in the scope of planning and creating new implementations for the cereal, flour and bakery industry. 
     The Institute takes part in many exhibitions, among other activities, INTERPIEK and POLGASTRO, fairs, congresses and closely co-operates with Prof. Dr hab. Engineer Józef Flizikowski the Head of the Department of Food Machinery and Environmental Protection of the University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz. The continuous and fruitful cooperation with the Polish Federation of Engineering Associations – NOT and SAWO International Fair has also been maintained. Today the Institute is also supported by the National Team of Bakery Experts and the Professor Henryk Banecki medal chapter granting this award to outstanding bakers and scientists, specialists, inventors, and milling masters in Poland and in the world.

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